Year in Review

Aug 31, 2010

Is there anything more heart-warming than watching a camp full of campers playing and having fun in nature, and seeing lively youth leaders helping to put smiles and laughter on their faces and into their lives? Camp Shagabec was delighted to see images such as this time and time again this summer. Over the course of the season, the camp passed over 250 campers through their cabins, mess hall, vespers, and campfire areas. On top of this, Shagabec offered their free youth leadership program again this year, and had over 70 youth (ages 15-18) volunteering at camp (and in the process, helped in building their self-confidence, maturity, and leadership skills). Though the campers and counsellors come from all over Western Canada, the bulk of these youth typically are coming from Maple Creek, Medicine Hat, Swift Current, and the communities around these centers.

This summer the camp made a number of improvements and additions, which included such things as: new cabin doors, new cabin mattresses, 'on-demand' hot water, a new archery range and other recreational equipment, and a brand new first-aider's cabin! In addition, at the end of the season, Shagabec had all electrical wires buried (a fairly expensive, but necessary improvement). The next major hurdle for the camp will be the replacement of the immense rec-hall/mess hall/kitchen, as the foundation of this building has begun to deteriorate. The camp has begun to fundraise $300 000 for this endeavor, construction on the new building will begin in the fall of 2013.

The camp dates for the next season have been set and the new registration forms are now available online ( This summer, Camp Shagabec will offer camps for those who are 5 to 105 as they will be offering their "Camp Wannabeakidagain" weekend for 'adults' to come and experience summer camp! The camp is also offering a "Creative Camp", which will focus on offering various workshops in performing and creative arts (drama, music, singing, art, dance, and crafts).

Shagabec continues to be successful due to the contributions of many. They are extremely grateful for any and all help (ex. monetary donations, volunteer time, supplies, and, of course... cookies!). The camp is also looking for committee representatives from both Maple Creek and Medicine Hat. Thank you! Thank You! Thank you, to all those who help this amazing little gem of a camp to continue to strive and thrive!

For more information about Camp Shagabec, or for contact information, please access their website ( Please Note, Camp Shagabec does have a new treasurer:

Tracy Montgomery
258 Burke Crescent
Swift Current, SK
S9H 4H6