Counsellor Job Description

Please Note: all volunteer forms are submitted digitally now.

Personnel Policy -- Counsellor

  1. All of Camp Shagabec’s counsellors, directors, and first-aiders are volunteers.
  2. Volunteers will be reimbursed for the daily park entry fee, 20 cents/kilometer mileage (to a maximum round trip of 800km) and supplies purchased for camp (within their budget) if requested, for Leadership Camp and regular camp. This expense claim will be paid after their camp. Leadership training expenses will not be paid unless counsellors attend a camp as a counsellor. It is the responsibility of whoever is claiming these expenses to fill out the proper form, have the director sign it, and deposit them in the locked box in the resource cabin. Car pooling is encouraged as our funds are limited.
  3. Complete an application form for the Volunteer Program Coordinator (VPC) and obtain a police check if you are over 18 years old. This will need to be done every three years.
  4. Counsellors will not always be sent to their first choice camp, some changes may be necessary due to numbers of campers or special needs at camp.
  5. Counsellors may not volunteer for two camps in a row (unless asked by the VPC), but may counsel at more than one camp in the season.
  6. Alcohol, cannibas and other illegal substances are not allowed at camp, anyone caught with them will be sent home.
  7. Attend and participate in Leadership Training Camp.
  8. Arrive at camp several hours prior to your camp as instructed by your Director or the VPC.
  9. Come to camp prepared for all types of weather, and do not bring items which campers are not allowed (e.g. phones, electronics) – set a good example for the campers.
  10. Carry out duties as assigned by your Director or VPC cheerfully and promptly.
  11. Always show respect for your Director, fellow Counsellors, and Paid Staff. Problems should be shared with your Director or the VPC, remember, complaints to anyone else undermine Camp morale.
  12. Your Director will expect you to attend all camp activities and give leadership in those areas in which you are most comfortable and confident.
  13. The children in your cabin are your responsibility at all times. Watch for their emotional and physical well-being (homesickness, headaches, colds, etc.).
  14. Never give any medication, take the child to the First-aider.
  15. See that chores are done properly and promptly.
  16. You may not leave the camp without prior special approval of the Director.
  17. After dark, one counsellor must be with campers in cabin, unless special arrangements are made with the Director. Once the campers are in bed the counsellor should go to bed as soon as possible. 
  18. Counsellors are not allowed in the kitchen during the day except for dishwashing.
  19. The responsibility of caring for the campers must be foremost in your mind. We hope that you will have fun at camp, but it is more important that the campers have fun! Their concern, enjoyment and development come first.
  20. At the end of camp, campers must sign-out with their cabin counsellor, indicating who is picking them up and at what time. Underage counsellors must sign-out with the Director before leaving the camp.