First-Aider Job Description

Please Note: all volunteer forms are submitted digitally now.

The First-Aider must hold a current certificate in Standard First Aid/CPR or equivalent.

  1. Read and be familiar with section XII of the Camp Shagabec handbook, "Health Plan".
  2. Assist the Director by tending to medical needs of campers and staff.
  3. Submit a form to the Volunteer Program Coordinator (VPC), and obtain a police record check.
  4. Arrive at camp before the campers arrive, when the VPC asks you. Help check off each camper as they arrive on the list provided by the registar. The manager will be with you so you can intake any medicaitons.
  5. Keep First Aid supplies stocked by giving list of requirements to the Manager.
  6. Become aware of special medical needs or conditions of campers and volunteer staff as shown on their camper forms and counsellor forms.
  7. Be sure the cook is aware of any food allergies.
  8. Collect all medications and give to campers as prescribed.
  9. Administer first aid as required.
  10. See that first aid kit goes on all off-site trips with campers.
  11. Accompany campers and counsellors who require doctor’s attention off-site
  12. Keep camper registration forms and counsellor medical forms. Read and be aware of the Camp Shagabec Privacy Policy as it pertains to your job.
  13. Record all incidents requiring attention in the log book.
  14. First-aider is a volunteer under the direction of the Camp Director.
  15. Place of residence is in the First-aider Cabin.
  16. Volunteers will be reimbursed for the daily park entry fee and 20 cents/kilometer mileage (to a maximum round trip of 800km). It is the responsibility of whoever is claiming these expenses to fill out the proper form, have the director sign it, and deposit them in the locked box in the director’s cabin. Car pooling is encouraged as our funds are limited.

Medical Services:

  • The camp must have in residence on its staff a licensed physician, or registered nurse or an EMT or a certified nursing assistant, or a holder of a current recognized Standard First Aid Certificate, or equivalent.
  • Medication must be kept in a locked storage area out of reach of campers and dispensed only by authorized staff.
  • Parents or guardians must be notified of any serious illness or injury if possible.
  • The camp must have written records of each accident and illness and any medical treatment given.
  • The camp must maintain parental/guardian medical release forms on record, and these records must indicate that in the event of an accident requiring medical attention the parents/guardians will be notified as soon as possible.
  • All records (med forms) must be kept in a locked but easily accessible file/room.