Who Works at Shagabec

We have seven paid staff memebers that job share through out the summer.  The jobs they share include: two cooks, two managers, two program directors and one staff that will rotate.  A rotation is set up between the current paid staff and the Camp Shagabec Committee.

All our program staff are volunteers, so the counsellors and first-aider for your child's camp will be at the camp only for that week.  More volunteers are always welcome.

Our leadership training involves a weekend camp in June where staff learn the basics of camp and plan their camps activities.  Many of our teen leaders take part in Senior Co-Ed as campers, where leadership skills are woven into the program.  Staff also experience an on-site orientation time before campers arrive at the camp.  The majority of our staff continue from year to year so are experienced.  At "Squirt" camps we keep a camper-to-counsellor ratio of 4:1, and at older camps it is 5 or 6 campers per counsellor.

Swimming is done at the provincial park leisure pool, where qualified staff are on guard.

Camper safety and enjoyment is always stressed as our first priority.