Camp Shagabec has lots of different kinds of people!


- every camp has a bunch of them. Each week there are a maximum of 62 campers (except Squirts....just 40 there...) who are of the correct age for the camp. They are who it's all about. We live to serve them. Campers look to counsellors for guidance.


- including the 14 and 15-year old "counsellors-in-training", are the people who work most directly with the campers.  A counsellor lives in a cabin with the kids, leads a cabin group and a "work group", generally looks out for the welfare of each camper in his or her group. The counsellor is full of enthusiasm for all camp activities and full of loving concern for every camper.  Counsellors are all volunteers. Each week, we have different counsellors. Counsellors look to Program Directors for guidance.


- is a volunteer for one camp. The First-Aider has separate, but humble, accomodation. The First-Aider looks after prescriptions, Tylenol and bandaids. If anything more serious than bandaids is required, the First-Aider, along with the manager, takes the injured Shagabecer to Maple Creek for treatment. This is also an "extra adult" who can listen to problems and respond in a mature way. The First-Aider looks to the Program Directors for guidance. 


 - if you are over the age of 50, you can apply to become a Camping Granny!  You will get to stay in a cabin with other Camping Grannies, and assist with various areas of camp life.  This may include: helping the young campers with their chores or setting up the dining hall before a meal.  You could read, play, or visit with campers who may need some special one-on-one time.  Apart from that, your schedule will be fairly open as you are not specifically responsible for child care during off-site activities, night time care, or during the planned program.  Camping Grannies look to the Program Directors for guidance.  


- there are seven people who spend the entire summer at the camp. We have two program directors, two managers, and two cooks.

The program directors plans out the themes and some of the activities (GWG lessons, crafts, and vespers) for the summer camps. These individuals work with each other and the counsellors to plan the rest of the camp activities.

The managers looks after the property, fixes things, takes care of the recycling for the park... etc.

The cooks make the meals.  The paid staff looks to the Personnel Committee of the Camp Committee for guidance.


- the Camp Committee is a group of volunteers who look out for the concerns of the camp.  They meet regularly throughout the year making decisions about policy, finance, personnel, property and program.  They are a committee of Living Skies Regional Council of the United Church of Canada.  It is a great group of passionate Shagabec supporters.  If you'd like to join us... we are always looking for more help.  Send us a message (look under "Contacts").

Application information for managers, cooks, and program directors are found here.