The BIG Fundraiser!

The Capital CAMPaign!

Shagabec is building a NEW rechall/kitchen/mess hall! The goal is to raise $250 000 by 2013. It the first three weeks we raised $70 000. As of November 2012, we had raised $130 000.  As of December, 2013 we had raised $200 000.  We would still like to reach our fundraising goal, so if you are interested in helping us, please consider making a donation.

Please, see the "Donate" tab on this site for donation information, and see the documents attached at the bottom of this page for more information about the campaign.  Thank you!

Basic Background Information:

After looking into the options of restoration, moving in an existing building or replacement, and the obvious solution is to rebuild.  The total cost of this project initially was $425,000! (if you say it quickly it doesn’t sound quite so scary).  However, a number of alumni came forward with contracting quotes that allowed us to reduce our overall cost to $250 000.  So, where do we look to find that kind of cash?  We will be asking the Conference and Presbytery or support of course.  We will be approaching neighboring congregations because, with the closing of other church camps, our camp is now hosting campers and volunteers from all over Saskatchewan and Alberta (from all the small towns and major urban centers).  We are canvassing as many current and past camp families as we can reach, and we are asking you for your support.  In the first few weeks of the campaign we had already raised over $70 000.  We needd your help to keep the momentum going.

Camp Shagabec has proven to have a very profound positive effect on the young people for generations (starting in 1938!).  Camp Shagabec hosts on average 500 youth each season and that number has been increasing over the past six years – most camps are full with waiting lists for some.  Shagabec is one of very few that runs mainly on volunteer counselors, medics and committees.  We have great reasons to be proud of this facility.

To meet our fund raising budget we need you donations. We have targeted to receive at least 75 sponsors of $1,000 each and a minimum of 150 supporters of $500 each, and another $50,000 from donations and smaller fund raising events as well as individual church bequests and corporate sponsorship.  All donations over $20 will receive a tax-receipt, and all donations over $500 will be permanently recognized on the wall of the new building.

We need your support – please consider what level of assistance that you would feel comfortable in offering to the future of Camp Shagabec.

On behalf of thousands and thousands of SHAGABECERS...from the past, present, and the future...