Welcome to Camp Shagabec, Home of Fun Since 1938! 


Thank you to everyone who registered for camp. We appreciate your patience with our new staggered registration system. Once again our camps filled up in minutes! We are always blown away by the amount of people who want to come to our little camp every year! We cannot wait to see everyone at camp this summer! 

You will receive an email with confirmation, by April 30th, that your child has been accepted. Please do not come to camp unless you have been accepted and have received this email. Your child’s acceptance into their requested camp is dependant on the confirmed number volunteer leaders we have for that camp (yes, we always need more help. If interested in volunteering).

VOLUNTEER UPDATE - March 16, 2024: Accepting Applications now!

If you love camp as much as we do and would love to give back, please consider volunteering this upcoming season. Fill out a form online and we promise, it will be an experience you will never forget. We are currently accepting applicaitons for CIT's, counsellors, and medics. If you or anyone are interest, send them our way! It's a great way and place to spend some of your summer.


Our next meeting will be TBD. This will be our fall meeting and we will post as soon as date is set. If you are interested in joining the committee, please contact Kat (info found in the contact section).


We are a United Church Camp, but campers of all faiths and non-religious campers are welcome. We are located in the beautiful Cypress Hills Interprovincial Park in Southwestern Saskatchewan. During July and August we run seven weeks of age-specific camps, for children from five to eighteen.


At Camp Shagabec we are so grateful for all the Canadian Tire Money donations that come our way year after year. With these wonderful donations we are able to purchase supplies for the Sports Shaq, Property and the Kitchen, etc... We are always on the look out for Canadian Tire Money, so please feel free to drop it off at camp during the summer or contact Kat Fletcher (403) 892 0777 and she will gladly take it off your hands! ;)