Past News


2020 News

COVID Decision

May 16, 2020

With very heavy hearts, we regret to inform all of you that, due to the threat of the COVID-19 virus, all camps for the 2020 season have been cancelled. After reviewing the Re-Open Saskatchewan Plan, the camp committee came to the conclusion that it would be impossible to run camps safely and effectively considering the restrictions that would be in place.

We will be refunding your full registration, but if you are able, please consider making a monetary donation to Camp Shagabec (charitable tax receipts will be issued). With or without summer camp programs running, we still have many expenses to keep our facilities operating.

Parents, you should have received an email on May 16th and you will have to respond to it. If you did not receive an email (don't forget to check your "junk" folder), then contact the camp registrar.

Love to you all.

Care Camp

Jan 1, 2020

Care Camp has been cancelled for the 2020 season

Next Camp Meeting

Nov 16, 2020

Fall Meeting: November 21, 2020 at 900am. Contact Dave-o at 4038929412 for information.

News: Changes to the registration process for next year.

Apr 18, 2020

For the 2020 camping season, we will be changing some procedures in order to make things more fair for those registering for camp. We will no longer be accepting mail-in forms. On-line registrations will open at 12 midnight, Feb 1st. We will also be building a new camper cabin this year, which will allow us to increase camper enrolment. Thank you for your understanding, and we want to give our love to all campers who were not able to get into Shagabec this year.

Dates Have Been Set For 2020

Jan 1, 2020

Registration officially begins on February 1st, but the dates have been set.  PLEASE NOTE: Junior Scampers (unlike most of the other camps) will run from Monday to Friday this year (not Sunday to Friday).

2018 Year in Review

Jan 21, 2019

Camp Shagabec has had another record breaking year!  The number of campers keeps going up each year, and we are having to find new ways of accommodating them. The camp saw over 600 young campers over the course of this camping season and over 160 volunteer positions were filled. In addition, the camp had six full-time summer staff members (Alley Mackinnon of Medicine Hat, Heather Caswell of Bracken, Simon Bristow of Eastend, Krista Opheim of Lethbridge, and Dave & Kat Fletcher of Lethbridge) on for the entire summer to manage daily operations of the camp.  Camp Shagabec also hosted two wedding ceremonies this year, and we celebrated the 80th birthday of Shagabec with an open house tea. Although most of our campers and counsellors come from the nearby towns and cities, we do get some from BC, Calgary, Saskatoon, and even one annual camper from Halifax!

This year, two new staff cabins were built, and we also constructed a giant gazebo (which acts a craft centre and performance arts centre). We are currently raising funds to build a much-needed new camper cabin, and to renovate the washhouse site (built in 1970). The renovations to the washhouse will not only give it a necessary/sanitary upgrade, but it will also make the site wheelchair accessible. We do not want to pass the burden of site improvements on to the campers, so we are raising these funds separately, as a capital campaign. If you are interested in making a financial donation, we would certainly appreciate any and all assistance we could get in making these additions to camp happen. 

2018 News

The End of the 2018 Season

Sep 4, 2018

Thank you to everyone that helped to make the 2018 season one of the most successful in Shagbec's 80 year history. All the camps were full with waiting lists and the programming was fantastic.  We had a total of 122 volunteers come to camp over the course of the season.  A huge thank you to all of them, as without these amazing volunteers, Shagabec would not run.  The 80th Birthday Party held this summer was very well attended and the attendees ranged in age from 2 months to 88 years old.  Camp Shagabec has sure come a long way. 

Camp Meeting

Jun 17, 2018

The 2018 Fall Camp Meeting will be held in Swift Current on Nov 3rd (Saturday) at 9:30. It will be held at the First United Church in Swift Current. If you are interested in attending, please send a message to Kat or Dave-o.

Care Camp Thank You

Jun 17, 2018

We had a number of wonderful and hardworing individuals show up to help get camp ready for the season.  Thank you to each and every person who lent a hand!  

Camp Shagabec's 80th Birthday Party!

Jun 17, 2018

Mark this day in your calendar! Camp Shagabec will celebrate its 80th year with an open house social. From 1-2 there will be tours of camp and activities. From 2-3 there will be a short program and then cake and refreshments. Then there will be a giant group photo followed by time to visit and explore camp. We are hoping this will be a great reunion of campers and counsellors from past years to reconnect with one another. So, call your friends and make plans to meet at Shagabec on July 21st!

2017 News

Thank You - Thank You - Thank You!!!

Aug 19, 2017

The 2017 Shagabec camping season has been one for the history books!  Thank you so much to the: counsellors, campers, parents, staff, volunteers, donators, park businesses, cookie bakers, and camp committee for all the tremendious effort that goes into making each season such a success.  It truly takes a village.  See you all in 2018!

2016 News

Camp Meeting

Nov 29, 2016

The AGM, in March, is the next Camp Committee meeting. It will be held at the First United Church in Swift Current and it will begin at 9:30am. If you are interested in joining the committee, you are more than welcome to come and check it out.

Care Camp

May 15, 2016

Hey Shaga-friends! Care Camp is less than a week away on Saturday, May 21st! This year we are asking people from Abbey, Lancer, Portreeve, Climax, Frontier, and Maple Creek to make an extra special effort to come out and help get their favourite camp ready for the summer! However, if you are from another town and are ready and willing to help, please come join us!

We will get going at 10 AM and a lunch will be provided for our hard working volunteers! Please come on down and spend part of your May Long Weekend in the beautiful Cypress Hills helping make a difference!

Thank you!

Camp Shirts For Everyone!!!

Feb 2, 2016

As of this year, everyone will receive a camp shirt when they come to camp. This will be a great way to instantly build camp unity and make all campers feel like they are a part of the team. Other merchandise will be available for purchase upon checkin.

2014 News

The Capital Campaign!

Mar 5, 2014

The new Shagabec Rec-Hall has been built! Thank you so much for all of your donations. Costs were higher than expected, so the flooring and eavestroughing have not yet been completed. In order to have the building ready for the 2014 season, we acquired a $50 000 loan from the United Church of Canada, which needs to be paid off, as well. Our goal is to raise another $75 000 to complete these projects by next year, and pay off the loan in the near future.

2013 News

Camp Shagabec Turns 75 – What a Remarkable Year!

Dec 4, 2013

- record breaking - ground breaking - break-and-enter -

Well, at age 75, Camp Shagabec seems as youthful as ever.  This camp, located in the Cypress Hills, had a record-breaking year for the number of campers attending it.  Each of the camps were at (or above) capacity, with many of the weeks filling up as early as March and April.  Five full-time paid employees, as well as over 100 different volunteers from all over Alberta and Saskatchewan, staffed Shagabec this year, and they brought with them a tremendous amount of enthusiasm and joy to the camp.

Camp Shagabec’s 75th birthday was marked, most notably, by the demolition of the old rec-hall.  This building had been used by Maple Creek as a WWII army barracks, and then, for over 65 years, it served as Camp Shagabec’s: kitchen, dining hall, recreation center, craft room, and drama hall.  Due to a deteriorating foundation, the old lodge had to be taken down.  The demolition was skilfully done by Central Energy, of Gull Lake, on August 24th and 25th.  It was sad to say goodbye to a building that has helped facilitate so many precious memories, but everyone is looking forward to the new state-of-the-art structure that will ensure the future of the camp.

Construction of the new 4000 sq ft building was contracted out to Wallace Construction, and will be concluded by the spring.  It will include a stage area, a large open-concept design, a new kitchen, washrooms, and it will be 100% wheelchair accessible.    

After all the excitement of the summer and the demolition, the camp reported some upsetting news; someone had broken into the site, and done over $10 000 worth of damage.  Thirteen buildings were attacked, and had their windows and doors smashed in.  The vandalism had taken place after the camping season ended, and before construction had started on the rec hall.  Volunteers (Mike and Larry O’Donnell from Swift Current) came out to camp immediately to clean up, and board up the damaged buildings. 

Fundraising for the new facility has nearly concluded, but if individuals were interested in contributing to the building fund, or to help cover repair costs from the vandalism, Camp Shagabec would be grateful for your financial assistance.  Their treasurer is Tracy O’Donnell: 258 Burke Cres. Swift Current, SK, S9H 4H6.

Camp Shagabec is looking forward to a new camping season and the grand opening of the new Shagabec Lodge.  If you wish to register your child, camper registration forms are now available on-line ( 

Capital Campaign Update

Nov 10, 2013

The new camp dates are set, the Capital CAMPaign has reached $130 000, and a number of different groups are hosting events to raise funds for camp (including a a Roller Derby Event, Boxing Day Bash in Swift Current, various dinner parties, and an attempt to break a Guiness World Record on behalf of camp).

Committee Announcement

Sep 18, 2013

The Camp Shagabec Committee announces one of the most successful summers in the last few decades. All but one of the camps were full with waiting lists. The camp hired an extra full time staff member and nearly 100 volunteers helped to make this summer very special and memorable. Thanks to everyone involved.

Camp Shagabec - Strong at 75

Apr 18, 2013

Camp Shagabec, located in the Cypress Hills is turning 75 years old this year, and the camp is doing very well. The camps are very popular, the campers are extremely happy, and the program is top notch. It continues to be one of the last remaining camps in Canada that is largely run and organized by volunteers, and the camps are nearly half the cost of other comparable summer camps.

The current focus of the camp is a capital campaign to build a new multi-function facility. This building is to replace the current: kitchen, dining hall, rec-hall, drama room, and craft room. The foundation of the current building (an old WWII army barracks) is deteriorating and collapsing.

They have had a number of donations come in over the last year, and due to a number of serendipitous events, they have been able to drop their required funds from $400 000 to $250 000 (a number of our initial estimates and quotes were considerably higher than actual cost). To date the camp has raised over $165 000, and they are hoping that in this last push of the capital campaign (concluding in August), that they will be able to raise at least another $50 000 to $90 000.

This is Camp Shagabec’s 75th Anniversary year, and they would like to hold a special anniversary event at camp later this summer that will include a “ground-breaking” ceremony. The hope is to be able to start building this new complex by the end of the summer.[1]

The Camp Shagabec Committee, are so excited about the progress made with this capital campaign and all the hard work done by countless individuals in so many communities. We have heard stories about: kids donating birthday money, bake sales, pancake breakfasts, concerts, dinner parties, and various other efforts made in honour of this project.

Their goal is within sight, and committee member, Katherine Fletcher says, "We have begun to shift our focus from viewing this as a “dream” to becoming “reality”. To all those who have helped us get to this point… a most humble and sincere, “Thank you!” That being said, there is still one final push to make, so let people in your communities know that if they are interested in helping us out, this would be the time to do it." For more info about the camp's anniversary and the fundraising campaign, visit:

[1] This does still depend on receiving final approval from the United Church, as well as park permits and final approval

2012 News


Jan 27, 2012

Camp Shagabec is currently accepting applications for volunteer positions (counsellors, co-directors, and first aiders). If you are interested please fill in the forms (found on the website... under forms), and send your information on to Kat Fletcher.

2010 News

Year in Review

Aug 31, 2010

Is there anything more heart-warming than watching a camp full of campers playing and having fun in nature, and seeing lively youth leaders helping to put smiles and laughter on their faces and into their lives? Camp Shagabec was delighted to see images such as this time and time again this summer. Over the course of the season, the camp passed over 250 campers through their cabins, mess hall, vespers, and campfire areas. On top of this, Shagabec offered their free youth leadership program again this year, and had over 70 youth (ages 15-18) volunteering at camp (and in the process, helped in building their self-confidence, maturity, and leadership skills). Though the campers and counsellors come from all over Western Canada, the bulk of these youth typically are coming from Maple Creek, Medicine Hat, Swift Current, and the communities around these centers.

This summer the camp made a number of improvements and additions, which included such things as: new cabin doors, new cabin mattresses, 'on-demand' hot water, a new archery range and other recreational equipment, and a brand new first-aider's cabin! In addition, at the end of the season, Shagabec had all electrical wires buried (a fairly expensive, but necessary improvement). The next major hurdle for the camp will be the replacement of the immense rec-hall/mess hall/kitchen, as the foundation of this building has begun to deteriorate. The camp has begun to fundraise $300 000 for this endeavor, construction on the new building will begin in the fall of 2013.

The camp dates for the next season have been set and the new registration forms are now available online ( This summer, Camp Shagabec will offer camps for those who are 5 to 105 as they will be offering their "Camp Wannabeakidagain" weekend for 'adults' to come and experience summer camp! The camp is also offering a "Creative Camp", which will focus on offering various workshops in performing and creative arts (drama, music, singing, art, dance, and crafts).

Shagabec continues to be successful due to the contributions of many. They are extremely grateful for any and all help (ex. monetary donations, volunteer time, supplies, and, of course... cookies!). The camp is also looking for committee representatives from both Maple Creek and Medicine Hat. Thank you! Thank You! Thank you, to all those who help this amazing little gem of a camp to continue to strive and thrive!

For more information about Camp Shagabec, or for contact information, please access their website ( Please Note, Camp Shagabec does have a new treasurer:

Tracy Montgomery
258 Burke Crescent
Swift Current, SK
S9H 4H6

Another Camping Season Comes to a Close

Aug 28, 2010

Camp Shagabec, the United Church summer camp located in the Cypress Hills, has had another extremely busy season. In total the camp was able to host 300 campers through the eight different camps they offered over the course of the summer! The bulk of the campers are coming from many of the communities in Southwest Saskatchewan, but a growing number of the campers are coming from southern and central Alberta. When asked about the camp’s on-going success, the camp manager, Dave Fletcher said, “No matter what your age, Shagabec always has something new and fun to offer. No matter what is going on in your life, Shagabec has laughs and acceptance waiting for you.” “We couldn’t make the magic of Camp Shagabec happen without our volunteers,” says committee member and cook, Katherine Fletcher. “We are very lucky to have so many wonderful people involved with the program, committee, and staff. We also greatly appreciate the donations and supplies that come in from all over southern Saskatchewan and Alberta. The kindness of many keeps this camp strong.” The camp was sad to hear that a very committed and dedicated committee member of 23 years, Heather Macnab (Piapot), would be retiring from her position. Her presence and input into the camp will be missed. The committee is already busy with plans for the next season of camps. There are some smaller positions that need to be filled on the camp committee. With the belief that “many hands make light work”, it is hoped that volunteers from various communities within the presbytery will be able to lend a hand. If you would like to join the Shagabec team, visit their website at or contact the committee chair person, Jen Pridmore.

Camp Shagabec Benefits From Extraordinary Kindness

Aug 18, 2010

If you or someone you know is attending one of the many camps offered by Camp Shagabec next summer, you will notice a few new items around the grounds. The camp has recently added a rock climbing structure and an archery range to the many activities available at the camp. Wonderful stories are behind the building of both these new amenities. The lumber for the climbing wall was graciously donated by the Southwest Co-op in Maple Creek. This unique wall allows several children at a time to climb around a challenging five-walled structure. The wall was completed by the end of July, and the campers were thrilled to try it out. The committee had also decided to bring the popular activity of archery back, but when the camp manager went to pick-up new strings for the camp’s bows at Lane’s Archery in Lethbridge, AB, he was encouraged to replace the aging equipment. The new high quality bows, at $200 a piece, were going to quickly eat up the camp’s activity budget. Luckily, a fellow patron had overheard the camp manager’s conversation with the store owner, and asked if he could purchase FOUR new bows for the camp! When asked why the stranger had chosen to help out a camp that he had never heard of before, he said, “If you are helping to get kids out of the house and off of the couch, then I want to help you out.” It goes to show you that there still are amazing and generous people out there!

Children's Fitness Tax Credit

Jun 9, 2010

Camp Shagabec is now able to issue an income-tax credit for summer camps that are 5 days long. The amount of the tax credit will be 50% of the registration fee